View From a Height
Commentary from the Mile High City
Sunday, June 27, 2004


Now is when everything slows down. You put up a sheet of drywall, and it changes 4 feet of the garage instantly. You finish that, and then come two coats of mud, then primer, then paint. Then shelves. Each of which doesn't look like much, and takes a day to dry.

So, we had better start now. The first coat of spackle went on today, will be dry enough by tomorrow morning that an early riser can sand it down, and tomorrow night, put on the second coat. One very nice feature about Colorado is that even when it rains, it's dry. The second coat can be a fast-drying mix, and I might be able to sand it down tomorrow, as well.

The big debate is going to be about the garage floor. I'm leaning towards sealing it now, before the shelves go up, because once they go up, I have a feeling they ain't never comin' down. So it's pretty much now or never. Better now.

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