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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Debate Report 

The Rocky has a report on this morning's debate between Schaffer and Coors. Apparently, the two candidates are taking Clay's advice and trying to differentiate between themselves. And there are even some policy differences between the two.

The way the Rocky reports it, it sounds like Schaffer has staked out some pretty untenable ground on terrorism. It most certainly was not Clinton's attempts to "go it alone" that helped let our current problems develop. It was more his unwillingness to go it at all.

Coors, on the other hand, didn't do himself any good by coming out against TABOR, the only reliable check we have on state government. It's good he's running for senator and not governor.

Both of these are problem areas. But Schaffer has also hedged on the Patriot Act, which, combined with the above comments, suggests some real weaknesses on terrorism issues. If these tentative impressions are unfair, he'd better do something fast to correct them.

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