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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Little Things in a Campaign 

This site is not Coors central. I'm leaning that way, but at this point, I'm committed only to keeping the seat.

Still, it bears pointing out that the Schaffer for Senate website has been down now for the better part of two days. Part of Schaffer's appeal is exactly that he is a professional politician, with experience in both office and in running campaigns. The woman at the campaign's office said yesterday she couldn't even get to her email, so the problem may be even a little worse.

This doesn't speak well for competence. He's missing critical fundraising days, and I had to make three calls before I could confirm this morning's candidates' debate. Lots of websites go down. Company sites and even commerce sites go down. But most companies aren't operating so close to the line that they have a deadline. All campaigns do.

UPDATE: The site was up briefly around lunchtime, but appears to have gone down again. Laura's a good soldier, and is certainly doing her best (see comments, please). She certainly can't be happy with this situation, and as the first line of public contact,is probably getting hammered left and right. Nothing said here is an attack on either her or Kathy. But to have a candidate's website down for two days, with the campaign in full swing, can't be helping matters, and it's hard to see where a business would allow such a thing to happen. The campaign may not be directly responsible for the site's network (they have almost certainly farmed that out to a hosting company), but they're ultimately responsible for their site being up.

UPDATE: I'm happy to report that the Schaffer web site is working once again. One of these days, I'll have to get together an assessment of the four candidates' sites.

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