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Friday, June 18, 2004

Schaffer on Hugh Hewitt 

Dueling radio interviews, Part II. Same questions, different answers.

I thought Schaffer did a nice job, not stellar, not brilliant, not, "Gee that man makes me think of Ronald Reagan without his mentioning him" good. But he did well, and certainly better than Coors did.

A couple of reasons for that. First of all, he's got a voting record to refer to, such as on taxes. Second, political position need to be thought-out, and Schaffer has spent a long time thinking about these issues. Going back to Reagan, liberals spent years deriding him as an actor. But In His Own Hand is a collection os radio addresses he wrote himself, working through these positions. Schaffer hasn't done that, but his career in politics did show.

I have no doubt about Coors's conservatism. But when asked why he was running, Schaffer gave a policy-based answer, rather than a politics-based answer. Better. Also, while neither really had much to say about how they'd beat Salazar, Schaffer at least gave an answer that indicated he understood the problem, while Coors merely answered that he wasn't running to lose.

On the whole, Schaffer didn't do himself any harm this afternoon. It'll be an interesting race to watch.

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