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Friday, June 25, 2004

For This He Drives 8000 Miles? 

Ken Salazar finally finished up his 64-county tour of the state this week, after driving, he says, 8000 miles in the last two months. The real star of the story is his 140,000-mile truck, which just adds to the whole "aw, shucks" pose that Salazar tries to strike.

"The truck ran out of gas once and broke down one other time, Salazar said." Now, saying the truck ran out of gas is a little like saying that the truck was caught speeding. I know the cities are spread a little thinner out here than along I-95, but still. It appears that Mr. Salazar isn't any better at budgeting his gasoline than he is at budgeting for his Dairy Queen.

And for what? Here's what the inquisitive, incisive attorney general found that Coloradoans care about:

  • Jobs and the economy
  • The high cost of health care
  • Homeland security and the war in Iraq
  • Support for education and the environment, especially water

    Wow. Who knew?

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