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Thursday, June 24, 2004

Schaffer Calls on Salazar to Resign 

Word is that at a Schaffer press conference this morning, he called on state Attorney General, and probable Democratic Senate nominee, Ken Salazar to resign. Basically for the same reasons that Kerry should resign, and that Bob Dole did resign - he's on the public payroll and he's spending time campaigning. If they want any traction on this, they'll have to release numbers showing just how busy Ken is campaigning instead of prosecuting. Kerry has missed something like 85% of Senate votes this year. Schaffer will need a comparably damning metric of negligence if he's going to get people to care. As it is, I think most people accept that public officials are allowed to seek other office. As of the press conference, they hadn't issued a press release.

Schaffer didn't offer any actual evidence of malfeasance, although they claim to have some documents they don't want to release at this point. Maybe they do have something. But if they want to make it stick, they should probably go ahead and make their case. Unless they've got an actual mole in the Salazar camp, they don't control the investigative process, and they don't control the news cycle. This means they won't be in a position to drip-drip-drip the thing on their own schedule.

Schaffer's trying to put Salazar on the defensive, in part to force Salazar to play on two fronts, and in part to make himself "inevitable," as they said about W during the 2000 campaign. Nothing wrong with that, of course. As long as he wins the game in front of him, first.

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