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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Home Improvement 

After working full time and taking 16 hours, plus an assistantship, just working with one evening course seems like a vacation. So what am I supposed to do to fill up all the free time? Drywall the garage, of course! And put in shevles, peg board, and a workbench for kicks!

Now, I've done drywall before. In my old condo back in Fairfax, the previous owners had put in, or at least tolerated, that awful brown paneling in the dining room, of all places. It was the work of a moment to pull it down, only to realize that not only was it nailed on, it was Black Gooed on, too. So, down came the drywall, and what had looked like a weekend project turned into a months-long remodel, complete with drywall, wallpaper, chair rail, crown molding, and drapes.

I just hadn't remembered how heavy the stuff was. Amazingly, each 4x8 sheet weighs a quarter-ton, and yet one drywall screw will hold it in place indefinitely. Magic!

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