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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Exit Polls 

Fox News is also obsessing a little with the exit polls. Honestly? When I called a friend of mine who had Net access and was following the exit polls, and he said Kerry was rolling them up, my first reaction was, "eh." Really. Look, I was worried about Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Florida. But exit polls? WIth 25% of the electorate having voted early?

There was too much contrary data out there for a 5-point national move in Kerry's direction over night. Or a 5-point national move in Bush's direction. There was nothing in this electorate that suggested that kind of volatility. So the only thing to do was to ignore them, along with all the other polls, and wait for actual returns.

Shepard Smith just said another network looked "giddy." Good for them. They got what they deserved.

By the way. Kerry's concession seems to have emboldened those analyzing the Senate races to finally call Florida and Alaska the way they'd obviously gone.

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