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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Concessions & Acceptances 

Funny that, after a campaign where Edwards often seemed to outshine Kerry, at the very end, Kerry's speech was much more - Presidential - than Edwards's.

Edwards, following on his obnoxious line about having "waited four years for this victory [sic]," started off harping about "fighting for every vote" in an election he was giving up on. He then went on to further unify the country by sympathizing with "mothers who've sent their sons to Iraq still waiting for an answer why." Way to go, John.

Kerry's speech did have its weak spots. He thanked his "Band of Brothers" yet again. Personally, I was thinking the same thing. Heh. And going on again about the 6-year-old he took $680 from probably reminded a lot of people of what they didn't like about the man.

But then: "We all wake up as Americans." And then, calling for his own party and the country to fall in line behind the President on the Iraq War, and acknowledging our soldiers in harm's way, for the first time in a long time. It turned into a gracious speech, sticking to liberalism, acknowledging that politics goes on, but nicely and fairly concisely admitting that the first priority has to be the country.

Kerry managed to rise above his campaign in his concession, and the country will be better off for it.

Contrast this with Cheney and Bush. Cheney was funny, accepting credit for delivering Wyoming. Bush didn't talk much about the phone call from Kerry, except to call it a "really good phone call." Doesn't that sound just like Bush?

The speech, especially the part about the Democrats sharing one country, one Constitution, and one destiny was particularly good.

It was short on specifics, but it sounds like those will be along fairly quicky. On the whole, both speeches leave me a little more hopeful than yesterday.

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