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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Coors Concedes 

Pete Coors is on the podium now, conceding the election to Ken Salazar. Coors is being gracious, almost courtly, in thanking his volunteers, congratulating Salazar, and complimenting the process and the state. It's a good speech, but vanilla, which perhaps better than anything else sums up the Coors campaign, and possibly what lost him the seat.

Money line: "I will now go back to having the greatest job in America: runnin' a beer company."

This, along with the loss of the state House and Senate, has to make this one of the worst nights for Colorado Republicans in a long time. If Powerline talks about the Minnesota Massacre, perhaps we now have a Colorado Catastrophe.

The good news in the medium run is the presence of a fine state Treasurer Mike Coffman, and the likelihood of his being the next governor of the state. Hopefully, he'll have some coattails, too.

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