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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Back Online, Back from the Wars 

I made it to the Republican party here in the DTC, straight from the polling place. The experience was nowhere nearly as harrowing as I had feared, except when the two old hens I was working with started obsessing about The Return Of The Draft towards the end.

I've gone ahead and got credentialed, although it appears that the only Net connection is available in a Business Center, and contrary to popular opinion at the front desk, they charge for the wifi. The press credentials though, are working their magic, making Republicans look at me like tuna carefully eyeing the shark swimming about. My cellmate here is a very pleasant British Blogress, the appropriately named Sarah Left, who's blogging for the Guardian, right now trying to figure out how the technology's working on the other end.

The short answer is: fine. There were 524 people registered at the precinct, 209 of them voted early, many of the rest voted between 7AM and 9AM, leaving the place cold and bereft of voters by closing time. The little purple "After Hours Voters" cards were a waste of the taxpayers' money. And the irony is that the people who went to vote early in order to avoid the lines ended up waiting the longest.

OK, into the breach. More later.

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