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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Senate Developments 

The Denver Post is reporting that Pete Coors will run $400K worth of TV ads over the next few weeks. This actually is a fair portion of his estimated cash-on-hand, but it's the first big media buy of the season. The target markets are all Republican-rich (although not necessarily Republican majority): Denver, Colorado Springs, and Grand Junction. I haven't seen the ads yet, but I'd like to know to what mixture of pro-Coors, anti-Schaffer, anti-Salazar they are.

We'll see some poll numbers shortly thereafter to see if there's been any movement. The problem is that Schaffer, with little money on hand, has to win every battle or risk slipping behind. The endorsements he's gotten so far have been neither surprising nor particularly helpful. The Club For Growth endorsement may matter more, but only if there's money attached. Again, even most primary voters have probably never heard of the organization, and endorsements, like humor, only works if you don't have to explain it.

The other news is only news because it's been reported. The Post saw fit to comment on Salazar's revamped website, including blog. Like any campaign website, the blog is really the daily press release (yawn), but it's open for comments. This has proved embarassing to some other campaign sites. The fact that it rates a mention at all shows the growing importance of websites in campaigns. Next week, I'll do a review of all four sites.

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