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Monday, June 28, 2004

Issue Questions 

Two other issue-related questions are worth looking at, as well. Given a choice between cutting spending and raising taxes to meet a balanced budget, Coloradoans choose cutting spending 54-26, or by better than 2-1. The one flaw in this question, and it's a real flaw, is that the answer "both" was tabulated but not read. We don't know how many people just assumed that the pollsters weren't offering it as an option. Only 14% chose it. Nevertheless, as a measure of gut instinct, the poll suggests that Coloradoans remain fiscal conservatives, something that Bell and Bighorn should keep in mind when trying to persuade us to gut TABOR. It's also something that the state Republican party will want to use during the fall elections.

On the question of gay marriage, the balance falls to the independents, who oppose a Constitutional amendment 49-40. This, in the home state of the sponsoring legislators. My guess is that the response is apathy on the issue, and a sense that amending the Constitution is overkill. The courts will simply impose this on the country barring an amendment, overruling any statutory provisions as, well, unconstitutional. I have no idea how to get this message across.

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