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Monday, April 26, 2004

We Know Who You Are 

Ha'aretz is reporting the name of the new Hamas leader: Dr. Mahmoud A-Zahar. No word on how many assassination attempts Dr. A-Zahar has survived, but the betting here is that he had better have his life insurance paid up.

In addition to the election of A-Zahar, a number of other Hamas leaders in the Strip, who are known for their role in the movement's social wing, have been "upgraded" so that if A-Zahar or any of the other new leaders is targeted, they can replace them. Two of the more prominent names in this group are Ahmed Baher and Nizar Rian, both residents of the Shati refugee camp.

"Upgraded." From what, Terrorist Murderer 4.5 to Terrorist Murderer 5.0?

A-Zahar, a surgeon, who for many years lectured at the Islamic University - a Hamas stronghold in Gaza, is considered one of the movement's most eloquent spokesmen. He was among the 415 Hamas members expelled by Yitzhak Rabin to Lebanon in 1992. He is considered much more acceptable to the Palestinian Authority than Rantisi, who was outspoken in his criticism of the PA.

A-Zahar is seen as one of the movement's ideological leaders, but he is not viewed as a charismatic figure, able to inspire movement activists or members of the military wing of Hamas.

Inasmuch as the PA hasn't been bumping of Hamas leaders so much as trying to wage war alongside of them, I don't think his accetability to the PA is going to lengthen his life very much. And what is this deal with doctors? Psychiatrists, pediatricians, and now a surgeon. Is that so that when they survive an attack, they can be there to certify the deaths of the other occupants of their vehicle?

So now, if Hamas is appointing political leaders who can't control the military, who's the real power? Stay tuned...

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