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Friday, April 23, 2004

More Gratuitous Anti-Semitism 

The UN Envoy to Iraq, the man to whom we're planning to entrust the appointment of a successor government to the current Council, has decided it's all Israel's fault:

The United Nations special envoy for Iraq says there is a link between the situation in Iraq and Israeli policy, Israel Radio reported Friday.

"The biggest poison in the region is the policy of Israeli power and the suffering of the Palestinians," Lakhdar Brahimi was quoted as telling a French radio station. He was also quoted as blaming Washington for supporting Israeli policy.

Fred Eckhard, spokesman for U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan, said it was not acceptable for a senior U.N. official to make such comments about a member nation and said the remarks do not reflect Annan's opinions, Israel Radio reported.

Brahimi is the former foreign minister of Algeria who was designated by the United Nations as special envoy to oversee the development of a new Iraqi government.

Gee, an Arab working at the UN had bad things to say about Israel to the French? At least he's not blaming French colonialism for why he'd rather work in New York than Algiers. I'm sure he's got some other reason for his own country's Islamist-inspired graveyards.

Let's say it again: there is absolutely no reason to let the UN back into Iraq in any capacity. They shouldn't be there as peacekeepers; they shouldn't be there as administrators, they sure as hell shouldn't be there picking out governments. They shouldn't be there as meter-maids; we'd probably end up owing them $100 Million for double-parking the tanks that are keeping them from getting killed.

This group of anti-Semitic thugs stole mercilessly from Iraq and aided and abetted Saddam Hussein directly and indirectly through any means it could devise. They don't like us, and the Iraqi people don't like them. They're already suffering from imperial overstretch in Kosovo, and they can't even get their "peacekeepers" to stop shooting each other, if the Other is American.

Remind me again why anyone thinks there even is such a thing as the "community of nations," and how anyone could claim that it's represented by the UN?

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