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Monday, January 19, 2004

Peanuts and Snake Oil

Earlier in the day, Dean joined Carter at church services in Plains, Ga., and the former president and Nobel Peace Prize winner praised the candidate's "courageous and outspoken" stands, in particular his steadfast opposition to the Iraq war.

Carter thanked Dean for opposing the war, which the Georgian called "unnecessary and unjust," and expressed his appreciation for the work Dean did on Carter's losing bid for re-election in 1980, although Dean said it only amounted to licking envelopes and answering telephones.

Carter says that he won't be endorsing anyone, presumably because that would be unfitting in his status as ex-President. Writing letters to foreign government, asking them to actively sabotage the foreign policy of the current President, however, that's no problem.

The display at the Carter Center having to do with the Iranian Hostage Crisis, as it was then known, claims that Carter pursued his policies without regard to his own political future. At some point between now and November 2, he and Howard Dean will have something else in common.

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