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Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Legislature Looks At Campus Liberalism

The Colorado legislature is considering a bill that would eliminate mandatory "diversity" "training," and ensure free speech on campus, effectively ending campus speech and thought codes. The liberal House Minority Czar Andrew Romanoff, naturally enough, considers it a "distraction." I went to school at a more conservative university, Virginia, although they now employ Julian Bonds for some mysterious reason. And now, in business school, I'm a little more insulated from the left-wing takeover of the campuses. Not that Buie Sewell isn't trying. But there's no question that prospective faculty get vetted for their politics, and that if anything constitutes a "hostile work environment," it's college campuses for conservatives.

This won't address that, Romanoff's fulminations notwithstanding. This bill is about students, not faculty. It's about conservative students enjoying the same free-speech rights that liberals make movies about, usually set in the 50s.

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