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Thursday, January 15, 2004

Not a Good Start

Am I the only one who's a little worried about Ben "Nighthorse" Campbell's Senate campaign. Yes, I was worried about Allard, too, but he also ran with the wind at his back, and only won by 5 points. Campbell seems to be thinking he can pretty much coast to a win. His fundraising seems to be lagging, and Gary Hart is teasing the Colorado Democratic establishment with talk of a Senate run. So far, Campbell has just alluded to Hart's having been, er, six inches away from the White House (althought it's doubtful he could have beaten Bush I), and now he claims it would just be a tune-up for a 2008 Presidential run.

Hart has no way no how no chance of getting the Democratic nomination in 2008. A whole new generation of late-night comedians and a whole new generation of viewers barely remember theMonkey Business, but they'll find out, and it won't be flattering. Hart's 67 right now, which would make him 71 at 2009's inaugural. Campbell can point these things out, but what's missing is some comment about what Hart stands for, and how it's not right for Colorado or the country. Campbell's a moderate, but the state has moved to the right as Hart has moved to the left, and he can win on straight policy.

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