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Thursday, January 15, 2004

Dogs Don't Kill People...

Okay, dogs do kill people. Then their moronic owners say they don't see how it could possibly have happened.

The woman whose dogs mauled an Elbert County woman to death said she never expected the animals to hurt anyone...."I don't blame it on the breed. I don't blame it on their upbringing. I was a good owner."

Right, then. Whom does she blame? Nature vs. Nurture vs. what, Dave Barry's dog satellite? Just in case you were inclined to give the distraight woman the benefit of the doubt...

But McCuen said she remains convinced that her dogs were not violent creatures. She said her five children played with all of her dogs with no problems. To accentuate the point, she answered questions while holding her 2-year-old daughter, Laura, in one hand and a young pit bull named Jade in the other.

"They are so lovable," McCuen said. "I don't believe they would attack somebody out of the blue."

And you thought Steve Irwin's behavior was irresponsible? Let's look at the judgment here. She's under criminal indictment, has already lost a civil suit. Her old dogs killed one woman and mauled two others before being shot (guns don't kill dogs, people kill dogs who kill people; you listening Clayton Cramer?), and she goes out and gets another pit bull to play with her daughter. She must be trying to teach her daughter not to be afraid of dogs. Laura, look at me. I want you to listen to me very carefully. Be afraid. Be very afraid. As a rule, I'm not a big fan of Social Services. But this woman needs to be relieved of her children and her freedom, and given the Queen Jezebel treatment.

She claims the gal who got killed provoked the dog by hitting it in the head. Listen, babe. I own a labrador retriever. Within 2 weeks of getting him I had taught him not to play-bite. I had my father pretend to slug me one time, and the dog growled, jumped between us, and then had no clue what to do next. I thought maybe he'd try to lick Dad to death. I've seen little children beat him on the head, pull his tail, and bang on his back, and he basically just moves away, wanting to know what he did wrong. The only time I've seen him get upset is when some child tried to take away his stick. I pulled him away with the leash, scolded him, and suggested to the child that that might not be a good idea. And you know what? I don't let the dog chew toys or sticks around children. If you own a dog, you need to be blind not to know that dog's temperment.

This woman is a menace. She's indirectly resposible for deaths and maulings, and now she's putting more people at risk. For her daughter's sake, I sure hope she doesn't soon qualify for a Darwin award.

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