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Monday, January 19, 2004

Clark Gains Endorsements

In the last couple of days, Wesley Clark has picke dup a couple of big-name endorsements. It's not entirely clear they do him much good, coming as they do from Michael Moore and George McGovern. If the race for the Democratic nomination is going to be decided by who gets the best anti-war nominations, the party really is in serious long-term trouble.

Meanwhile, Clark also seems willing to join Dean in the, "it's an interesting theory but I can't prove it" sweepstakes. During Moore's "endorsement," he referred to a debate between the "general and the deserter." Leaving aside Moore's own qualifications for questioning anyone else's veracity about anything, read Clark's comments on the matter:

Clark, asked later by reporters if he agreed with Moore's characterization of Bush as a "deserter," said: "I've heard those charges. I don't know whether they're established or not. He was never prosecuted for it. The question in this election is can we bring a higher standard of leadership to America."

Remind you of anyone? Andrew Sullivan, about a year ago, uncovered a three-year-old New York Times story putting this stuff to bed. But Clark sounded like he was trying out for the Diane Rehm Show. There's a word for people who "hint" about things they know not to be true: slanderer. Oh not in the legal sense, no. But this is the "higher standard of leadership" he's promising us?

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