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Thursday, December 11, 2003

"We Don't Have Coronations Here"

Thus saith the Democrats. Unless, of course, you think you have a chance to win. Then that's something else altogether. The Denver Post is reporting that the Democratic powerbrokers are trying to avoid a primary in Colorado's 7th Congressional District. This was the seat most affected by the redistricting shuffle settled by the Colorado Supreme Court's over-reaching decision last week. Bob Beauprez won the seat by 121 votes, and it's considered one of the most competitive districts in the country. I don't have any problem with smoke-filled rooms, really, although I wish the Democrats would quit trying to make the smoke illegal. I just wish they wouldn't trumpet their populism this way and then short-circuit the process.

John Works, a funny name for a Democrat, is launching an independent bid, but his website doesn't say anything substantive. He does mention a goal of achieving "...peace and prosperity across Colorado...." At least he acknowledges we're at war.

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