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Thursday, December 04, 2003

Republican for Democrats Named Miller

What is it with Democrats named Miller? There's every Republican's favorite Democrat, Zell Miller. I know, there's George Miller from CA, and I'm pretty sure Barney Miller was a Democrat. But now, Carl Miller of Leadville has joined three Republicans in filing a Federal suit trying to get the SCOCO's redistricting ruling overturned. Apparently, Miller votes with the Republicans a fair amount, and Leadville was the first legislative body to be overrun by Libertarians a couple of years back. But still. Filing a partisan lawsuit against the interests of your own party takes guts.

And Jared, you thought deciding not to join the reserves was hard.

Democratic Rep. Andrew Romanoff, the House minority leader, criticized the latest lawsuit, saying too much time and money are being spent in court. "The Supreme Court has ruled, and I think its ruling provides us with a way to move on. That's what I'd like to do," he said.

Right, Andrew. Too much time in court once you've won. I'm all in favor of an independent commission, if it can be done fairly. But you don't get to hold onto ill-gotten gains for another 8 years.

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