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Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Welcome to Colorful Colorado

The Global Warming Alarmists are at it again, warning that the ski industry, and maybe the entire Winter Olympics are IN DANGER! Never mind that the glaciers and Glacier National Park have been shrinking since well before the American industrial revolution. Now, global warming is pushing the reliable snow line further and further up the mountains, and away from the resorts. Using the wildly pessimistic predictions of 3-10 degrees of warming in the next century,

The magic number for ski resorts right now is an altitude of 4,265 feet, according to Rolf Buerk, an economic geographer at the University of Zurich who led the research behind the report.

At that level and above, there is reliable snowfall. In the future, however, global warming is going to push the regular snowfall altitude to between 4,900 feet and 6,000 feet, Buerk said.

They mention the Austrian resort of Kitzbuhel (Alt. 2493 ft.) and the Swiss village of Gstaad (Alt. 3465 ft.) as being at risk. (Funny how they never point out the benefits to the water-sports industry, though.)

Given that, I don't want to gloat, but:

  • Vail, CO: Alt. 8150 ft.
  • Breckenridge, CO: Alt. 9603 ft.
  • Telluride, CO: Alt. 8745 ft.
  • Copper Mountain, CO: Alt. 9680 ft.
  • Aspen, CO: Alt. 7908 ft.

The story points out that a number of American ski resorts are turning to environmentally "friendly" power sources, which, given their impending competitive advantage, I think is darn generous of them.

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