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Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Live, from "Palestine," It's Krystall-nacht!

Nancy Stohlman, one of the organizers of the Colorado Campaign for Israeli Surrender, er, Middle East Peace, CCMEP, is going to be speaking at the Tattered Cover in Cherry Creek next Tuesday night. I think she deserves a polite, but decidedly hostile reception. Among the questions we might ask are:

  • Can you remember the last time you specifically condemned Palestinian terror without using the word "but" or the phrase "all innocent life" in your answer?
  • Inasmuch as democracy depends on the certainty of the next elections rather than the last ones, can you tell me when the Palestinians will have the chance to vote again?
  • Why doesn't either mosque in Denver fly an American flag?
  • In a world where (pick three):

    • Robert Mugabe is starving his people to death
    • North Korea is starving it people to death while pursuing a nuclear bomb
    • China is oppressing Tibet, Hong Kong, and salivating over Taiwan
    • Vietnam throws people into mental hospitals for asking for democracy
    • Cuba throws people into jail for running private libraries
    • (Any Arab Country) is a despotic dictatorship or monarchy
    • Iran is openly planning to test their first nuclear bomb over Tel Aviv

    Why do you only question the legitimacy of the sole pluralistic democracy in the Middle East?

Seriously. Someone, preferably a whole roomful of someones, should show up and ask these questions. And others. Early. Often. Don't let them have the floor. Mop it with them.

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