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Thursday, December 11, 2003

Mangled by the Flu

Glad to see that Jonathan has beaten the dreaded flu. The thing is running amok here in Colorado for some reason, and has already killed 6 children. The Cat points out that it's completely unreasonable to expect scientists to be able to predict which fly strains cause the most trouble, and he's right. Anyone remember Swine Flu? That was the flu strain that was supposed to reprise the great 1918 Epidemic, killing Americans by the tens, nay, hundreds, of thousands. The government ordered extra vaccine, inoculated millions of older Americans, and then nobody got the thing. Not even the younger folks who hadn't been vaccinated. The ridicule and humiliation of the Ford Administration probably contributed to giving us Jimmy Carter.

Don't worry, Jon, I know it's all in fun. But like Jimmy Stewart in Shenandoah, I'm just trying to tend to my farm.

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