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Friday, October 31, 2003

Friends of the IDF

A little while back, a woman at a Federation fundraiser out here made certain that everyone in the room understood that not one penny of their donation went to the Israel Defense Forces, just in case we were worried. We wanted to know how we could endow a tank, or barring that, a tank shell. The notion of the Last Thing the World that a terrorist would see would be a shell with my name on is profoudly satisfying.

Well, I can't do that, but there is an organization that provides aid and comfort to the widows, orphans, and grieving parents that the Arabs are so proficient at producing, and even to the soldiers themselves. The FIDF provides scholarships, rec rooms, gyms, and generally makes the life of a soldier a little less miserable.

On particularly sweet touch is the "Cozy Home" that they provide to soldiers without friends or family in Israel. Many soldiers, even those on active duty, are able to go home frequently. But we forget that Israel is still largely a country of immigrants, who have no home there, and may really not want to go back to their countries of origin, even for a visit. This program rents apartments for them, sends them Independence Day gift pacakges, and now is even helping to finance their trips back home, if they do want to go.

It's a worthwhile cause. Check it out.

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