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Thursday, October 30, 2003

Best of the Rally

We also had a small anti-war/anti-Israel/anti-America rally here in Denver. There was a small counter-demonstration, and one of the attendees noted the 11 best quotes to come from the CCMEP rally:

#11-"You(meaning us) should get your news from a TRUTHFUL source-Al Jeezera"

#10-"The PLO charter does NOT call for the eradication of Israel"

#9- "It's the governments fault that I'm poor"

#8-"Viva La Palestine" (huh??)

#7-"Let's think of some other way to bug them (meaning us) 'cause I'm bored"

#6-When asked why the Palestinians are blowing up women & babies on buses & at restaurants the response
was "Well they have to do SOMETHING"

#5-The Israelis learned how to build walls from the Nazis.

#4-"Excuse me mam, do you know what depleted uranium is ??"

#3-The US government is forcing Hispanics to join the military because that is the only way they can get a college education.

#2- A REAL Jew that knows the Torah is anti-Zionist

#1- Clinton was a Republican

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