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Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Screaming, Like the Passengers in His Car...

If the last weeks of August are like the top of the roller coaster, we're now well into that part where, held in place only by your shoulders, you're turning upside-down while twisting and going backwards through a neon-lit tunnel. In the next several weeks, I am facing three case-studies and a final in finance, a paper for Organizational Behavior, a group project for same, and a group marketing plan for marketing.

"I know," I hear you say, "but you chose this. You knew going into the quarter that half your Sundays were shot, that you'd be working part-time, with an assistantship, and that you'd have all this reading to do. You knew this. So don't complain."

Yes, I chose this. So I'm not complaining. But it will result in lighter blogging, which is too bad, what with Zell Miller coming out for PresidentBush and against the Bad News Bears.

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