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Sunday, October 26, 2003

Who's Idol-Worshipping Now?

As much as Judaism stands for some things, it stands unequivocablyagainst idol-worship, or, in Hebrew, avodah zarah. There is one God, that's all there is, he's got no physical shape, and there's really nothing other than Him that matters. Idol-worship is one of only three commandments one must die before violating. In Judaism, as in Islam, "idol-worshipper" is just about the worst thing you can call someone. In part, it explains the strength of the Muslim reacton to what Boykin said.

I always felt that reaction had much more to do with what he said than with where he said it, who he is, or what clothes he was wearing. If someone Leftish overheard Wolfowitz chatting along these lines in shul last Shabbos, they'd be calling for his head, too. But it also highlights the left's continuing eagerness to hold the Right's speech to a ridiculous standard.

Why? I remember, back when the Left was still demonizing settlers and seriously trying to get Israel to commit suicide, someone wrote an article accusing the settlers and the right of turning "the land" into an idol. Leaving aside the obvious theological problems here, what's the real difference? Evidently, it's all right to accuse someone of violating basic religious principles, as long as you're on one side of the debate.

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