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Friday, October 24, 2003

Cuban Travel Ban

The Senate voted yesterday, 59-36, to lift the travel ban to Cuba. Sadly, both of Colorado's Republican senators went along with the vote.

Byron Dorgan wants to claim this is about farm exports: "It's not constructive at all to try to slap around Fidel Castro by imposing limits on the American people's right to travel." "Slap around." As though Castro, who throws his own people in jail for owning books he doesn't like, is the victim of some sort of domestic violence visited on him by the US. Poor little Fidel.

Of course, the real restrictions on travel don't come from the US, but from Castro himself, who makes sure that even themost enterprising and determined tourists get no further than their well-stocked, restricted hotels and beaches, where Cuban nationals are forbidden to stay or visit. They're the source of the only money Castro would have to buy our farm exports, and aren't there better places to vacation than the Heart of Darkness?

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