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Friday, October 17, 2003

Friday Prayers

This is from the southern Gaza Strip. I hadn't realized that the Palestinians were smuggling crutches in through those tunnels. Maybe if we got them socialized medicine we could persuade them to call off this whole intifada thing.

UPDATE: I took a little closer look at this picture, and whoa!, is there something wrong. First of all, the guy with the crutch is the only guy not wearing full face armor. Maybe he's the Hamas equivalent of Rudy, or maybe he's saying, "Come and get me, I'm already on disability, so what are you gonna do to me?" Then again, maybe he's just on the Hamas DL, 'cause you notice he's basically wearing hospital pajamas.

Then, look at the kids sitting behind the men in the Front Row. And look at which way that crutch is pointed. It's pointing the Wrong Way! Maybe he's not on the DL, maybe he's like, down in AAA where they don't even give you real guns or ammunition, just crutches to practice with until you get the hang of it. Suicide belts, those are real, though. He's got an Ace bandage on his wrist, but that could just be for crib notes, to help remember the plays.

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