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Monday, October 20, 2003

Free Speech

For the second night in a row, Hosting Matters, host to Little Green Footballs, Powerline, Internet Haganah, and Insta Pundit, was taken down by an Islamofascit denial-of-service attack, originating in Malaysia and Saudia Arabia. Evidently, this is in retaliation against some DNS servers that decided they didn't want to provide service to their hate-spewing discussion groups. So they decided to take it out on the Jews and their Pawns, as Mahathir Muhammad would have them do.

These bozos, from foreign soil, are shutting down speech originating here in America. They are doing so in the name of Islam. Where are the Muslim groups in America? Have they issued any statement of condemnation? Of course not. Has anyone outside of those immediately affected said anything? No. These are, to the best of my knowledge, the only coordinated denial-of-service attacks related to the war. They are not directed at the anti-war dissidents, and they do not originate from inside this country. Keep that in mind the next time some idiotarian talks about being suppressed.

In the meantime, this is serious business. The blogosphere has become a major organizing arena for news sources outside the mainstream, for creating communities of interest of all stripes. Denial-of-service attacks are the electronic equivalent of busting up the Shinbone Star for favoring statehood. I don't expect the mainstream media, who look at the blogosphere like a sidedish they didn't order, to take this seriously. I can't really expect the State Department to come out with a complaint, especially given the target. Nevertheless, this is another front in the war, and if anyone's got any ideas on how to fight it offensively, not just defensively, let's hear 'em.

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