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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

The Pledge

The Denver Post writes this morning about the Pledge of Allegience, and its role out here in Red State America. The article on the whole is positive, pointing out the unifying effect of the Pledge, and its role in getting kids to appreciate where they live. We can't underrate simple things like small rituals in developing worthwhile ideals. Many on the left are actively hostile to these rituals, in the full knowledge of what they can accomplish, and they choose to equate noble education with brainwashing. Interestingly, it was President Eisenhower who inserted the phrase, "Under God," expecting that it would help inculcate humility. The kids quoted seem pretty cool about it, and even manage to get the point.

DU Law Professor Ari Kelman, who wrote a typically non-specific guest piece for the Post on the Patriot Act, and was unable to provide me specifics even in a personal email, sounds a sour note. He points out that the division over "under God" is overriding the "indivisible" epithet. Cute, except that, like the "cycle of violence," the "culture wars," aren't value-neutral. One side has deliberately pointed its weapons at the symbols of the other, with the express purpose of being divisive. This minority has decided to use the court system to force its will on the majority, because it's the only way they can win.

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