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Commentary from the Mile High City
Thursday, February 06, 2003
The Denver Post headline writers continue to ignore the content of the stories they publish. This morning, the lead article claims that "few Colorado minds were changed" by Powell's speech. But the only evidence offered to that effect is anecdotal. The polls tell, in fact, the opposite story. A few days ago, the Post published a poll, with a headline, announcing that Coloradoans wanted to wait for the war. Only 53% supported military action against Iraq. The poll published with today's story has 69% in favor of US military action. This is a swing of 16%, and a nearly 3-1 margin in favor (not counting the undecideds).

The Post needs to be careful. The Ciruli polls come without significant methodological information, the anecdotal evidence is interesting but not representative. If it continues to ignore evidence it doesn't like, it may find itself going down the same path as Howell Raines.

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