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Monday, February 03, 2003
More exciting than turning on your lights! More action-packed than filling up parking lots! Austin, eat your heart out!

Denver is finally going to show the nation how to take the Rally Monster back from those weasel-loving folks with no ANSWER. We're having a real, live, rally for normal people who support the president and the liberation of Iraq. Here's the flyer! And yes, we have a real, professional-looking press release, too. But isn't this announcement much more fun?

Look, this is pretty important. We don't have a "street" here the way the Arabs do, because we have actual "elections," where we get to make real decisions about those who make our policies. But pictures and impressions matter. And if the only thing people see is one pro-Saddam freak show after another, it's easy to lose heart and forget those poll numbers that say that we're not alone. And it's even easier for people in Israel to think we've forgotten them.

So, Sunday, February 16th, show up at Colorado's State Capitol at 1:30 pm, and give the press something to distort - er - report. Well, you decide which.

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