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Commentary from the Mile High City
Tuesday, February 04, 2003
DU College of Business has both a daytime track and a nighttime track. The daytime track generally assumes 3 classes per quarter, and the students are generally a little younger. The nighttime track assumes 2 classes per quarter, and the students are a little older, and are working during the day. Because last quarter I got ahead of myself, this quarter I'm taking one class at night and one with the day students. This is the second daytime class I've taken, and from what I can tell, the nighttime students are much more engaged (despite having worked all day), much sharper, and the intellectual energy is mich higher.

I think this may be becuase the nighttime students are less likely to be in school marking time, and more likely to see a direct application their careers or business lives. At the same time, they seem to be a little bit older, so a little but more experienced and mature.

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