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Friday, December 20, 2002
The Israeli polls had been showing Likud sinking, because of an internal corruption scandal. That may be enough to make formiing a government hard. But today, Labor gave Likud a new lease on life by unveiling its own Road Map to Surrender. Now the last time Labor tried to give away half the store, the mobs outside preferred to smash the windows and take everything, anyway. It would appear that this lesson made less than a clear impression on Labor.

They are now proposing:

  • A unilateral withdrawal from Gaza, creating a safe haven for terrorists and their Katushiya rockets.
  • Immediate talks, giving the current regime a new lease on life, and recreating the impression that Israel is near to collapse.
  • A partial withdrawal from the West Bank, if no progress is made, guaranteeing that no progress will be made
  • Ceding large sections of Jerusalem. We saw how well that worked in Berlin.
  • Sharing administration of the Temple Mount, with people who have proven themselves manifestly unable to share.

    This, of course, it nuts. It is a repeat of the "peace psychosis" that we've seen for years from the Israeli and American Left. Needless to say, the Palestinians praised it as "a step in the right direction," (one presumes they mean a step nearer to the cliff), and have proposed delaying their own January elections until the Israelis pull out. Apparently, they now see this step of their own as unnecessary, which tells you pretty much everything you need to know about negotiating with Arab fanatics.

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