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Thursday, December 12, 2002
Vacation Begins

Since this is the first time in a while I'm working at home and not in school, I decided to take a week in a cabin, alone with the dog. The cabin is in a tiny settlement called Wetmore, between Pueblo and a small town called Westcliffe. The cabin itself is quite nice, and older A-frame with the bedroom upstairs, and a second bedroom up a few more stairs. We paid to get a phone line hooked up for the duration, primarily for Internet access. The only TV, probably for the best, is ABC and CBS.

Westcliffe is a tiny town, the sort where all the Thursday night excitement is at the bowling alley, and downtown is one block long with a 15 MPH speed limit. There are cabins and houses available nearby for $115,000, and the movie theatre has a sign out front thanking patrons, and letting them know that the next movie will be in January.

The reason for this particular weekend is the Geminid meteor shower due Saturday morning at 3:00 AM. But the primary reason for the trip is to get away, do a little snowshoeing and hiking, take some pictures, and get some work done at night.

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