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Wednesday, December 18, 2002
Bill Clinton is at is again. Evidently, he's accusing Trent Lott of just waying in public what Republicans say all the time "on the backroads." This is clearly part of an orchestrated campaign by the Democrats. It's somewhat hamhanded, but it's not only Clinton.

Somehow, I've gotten onto the fundraising mailing list for the DNC. Leave aside that they can't get my name right. I'm "J. Sharnoff" to them. They're sending out emails saying exactly the same thing, and tying it in with the non-existent but ubiquitous Republican "voter intimidation."

First, this is about as hamhanded as you can get. Secondly, I've also been getting fundraising emails from the Republicans. While the Democrats routinely talk about "stopping the extremist Republican agenda," the Republicans just talk about the agenda. As long as this difference exists, the Democrats will continue to hold onto a minority at every level.

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