View From a Height
Commentary from the Mile High City
Saturday, December 14, 2002
Spent yesterday driving around, scouting out sites for hikes and photos. The time is really limited when you realize that what you want are sunrise and sunset shots. I found some possible hikes, but not for now, for the spring when the snow melts. That may end up being the story of the trip, but, if so, at least I'll have some idea of where to go then.

The Gemenid meteor shower was a little disappointing, and, while it continues early this morning, may not be good enough to justify getting up. The moon moves back at the rate of about 1 hour per day, and had more or less just set during last night's peak. I did get to see some meteors, and some were quite nice, but nothing like the intensity or rate of the Leonids, even with the moon for competition.

For those interested, the cabin is quite nice. Although it lacks a shower (it does have a bath), it isn't cramped at all, and makes full use of its room. One of my dreams is to have a nice cabin out in the woods someplace, and my cabin search for this vacation also helped me scout for locations and ideas. There are several immediate needs, phone, for example. I'd also like it to back up to wilderness or Forest Service land, to be able to hike out the front door. Of course, I'd almost certainly need a 4WD vehicle first, too. So the proposition begins to look like a long-term plan, not just financially.

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