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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

The Post Gets It Right 

I criticize the Denver Post, and Susan Greene, who's covering the Common Cause lawsuit for them, often enough that when they and she get it right, I think it's only fair to give them credit. Ms. Greene's account in today's paper goes some distance towards balancing accounts, giving more ink to the Secretary of State's position than she has in the past, and fairly characterizing the day's proceedings. The only concern is that in doing so, she's careful to mention the partisan affiliation of all the Republicans, but again fails to mention that everyone on the other side is a Democrat, regardless of the "nonpartisan" label of the organizations.

Ms. Greene is severely handicapped by a lack of space, so while she can mention the rules in dispute, the actual legal standards and issues in play miss the cut. While she mentioned that Judge Hoffman went after both sides, it seemed to me that he was much harder on Common Cause's overreaching than on the Secretary of State's position.
I would also point out that Ms. Greene was helpful to me personally yesterday, making sure to give me her list of the intervenors.

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