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Monday, October 04, 2004

Court Hearing Tomorrow 

Common Cause v. Davidson is scheduled to be heard tomorrow by District Court Chief Judge H. Jeffrey Bayless tomorrow at 9:00 AM. Judge Bayless is best known for his temporary injunction against Colorado's Amendment 2, passed in 1992, denying gays and lesbians protected class status in Colorado. (More recently, he allowed T-Mobile to put up an antenna over the objections of local residents, which should make Lileks happy if he ever visits here.)

This has the potential to be a real circus, except that it looks like Bayless has experience with courtroom disorder, and isn't likely to put up with much c--p:

The real drama unfolded April 26. Immediately after Judge Jeffrey Bayless read the verdict convicting Hagos of first-degree murder, Hagos knocked over the defense table, vaulted over it and attacked prosecutors, punching deputy district attorney Joe Morales in the eye.

After tackling him in front of the jury box, deputies shot Hagos repeatedly with Taser guns, then restrained him on the courtroom floor while Bayless read the rest of the jury's verdict.

Perhaps this evening, I will have a chance to do a little more research on Bayless's record.

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