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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Stale Cookies 

On Imus this morning, Kerry was back at it, claiming that the Air Force (or in this case, the Army) really did have to hold a bake sale for its equipment:

IMUS: They can't get this equipment for these troops if people like you won't vote for the funding though.

KERRY: We did vote for the funding. We voted for the funding. I voted for the largest defense budgets in the history of our country. And I voted— this is long after the war, that $87 billion vote. The war had started. These people were sent over there without the equipment and they still don't have the equipment. And I've met families across America who are struggling, you know, they go out and they hold a bake auction or they do some charity effort in order to buy the armor on the Internet, send it to their kids. That's not the way you send young Americans into war.

This thing was debunked two months ago by Eliana Johnson, alias Little Trunk, daughter of Scott Johnson and substation on the Powerline:

I found only two references to the bake sales supposedly launched to purchase this armor. The first was in Washington's Spokesman Review; the reporter quoted a woman who claimed that "parents in the Midwest were doing carwashes and bake sales." I was unable to contact her, but the reporter told me that he had not verified her claim, nor was he sure whether her reference was to bake sales for body armor specifically or to support-the-troops bake sales generally. The second bake-sale reference came from an editorial in the Amador Ledger Dispatch. Its outraged author cited the "several hundred bake sales by moms and wives to provide body armor for their sons and daughters, wives and husbands." The paper's editor, who himself wrote a story rebutting the piece in question, told me that he could not verify that one such bake sale — let alone "hundreds" — had taken place.

Note that Kerry doesn't say he's heard of bake sales, or that he knows of bake sales, or that someone sent him leftover cake from one of the bakesales, or that he sent along some cake mix with Teresa's cake recipe to be used at a bake sale. He says he's personally met families who have had to hold Bake Sales for Body Armor.

Maybe we've solved a mystery here: could it be that some "foreign leaders" are holding bake sales to supply their militaries?

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