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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Salazar on the Bush Rally 

Ken Salazar's campaign sent out the following email about the Bush rally:

Bush: I was a little hot at old Ben [Nighthorse Campbell] when I heard he was retiring, because he's such a fine senator, but I feel a lot better knowing that Pete Coors is going to be the U.S. Senator following him. (Applause.)

AUDIENCE: Pete! Pete! Pete!

This is the first of many trips the President will make to prop Pete up. Let us know what you think about that?

Ken will be an independent voice in Washington not a rubberstamp. Pete Coors has also been in D.C. raising money at events hosted by Senators like Rick Santorum, Bill Frist and George Allen.

Salazar has received $10,000 each from HillPAC (Hillary) and DASCHPAC (Tom Daschle). While John Thune may be on the way to relieving him of the latter obligation, the former will still be operative for at least two more years.

In the meantime, Coors has been emphasizing wasteful spending, at the expense of Charles Grassley. That ad is airing even as I'm typing these words.

As for "propping up" Pete Coors, that's what the top of the ticket does. It's called "coattails." Salazar has run his entire campaign against the President. We'll see whose on the stage Friday when Kerry comes into town.

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