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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Ways to Vote in Denver When You're Dead... 

It's not quite a door being taped open, but something's fishy:

The attorney general is investigating allegations of voter fraud involving several hundred people in the metropolitan Denver area, the secretary of state said today.

Attorney General Ken Salazar opened the investigation after some voters complained their party registrations had been changed without their consent, Secretary of State Donetta Davidson said.

Clerks in three counties - Arapahoe, Denver, and Douglas - have also raised questions about voter registrations listing addresses that do not exist, and others with similar signatures.

Davidson said the problems were reported to Salazar's office two months ago after discrepancies were noted following voter drives where groups signed up voters. She did not characterize who put on the voter drives.

Ken Lane, Salazar's spokesman, confirmed that an investigation is under way and declined further comment.

Secretary of State is an elected position, and Mrs. Davidson is a Republican. But Attorney General Salazar is trying to get himself elected to the Senate. I can think off hand of a list of about a dozen questions that need to be answered, preferably in the next week. Watch this space.

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