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Sunday, August 01, 2004

Coors Also Swings West 

The Vail Daily had a brief report of a Coors stump speech there a few days ago. The specific positions are by now familiar to anyone who's been following the race at all. The good news is that Coors seems to be getting more comfortable on the stump.

Mike Mathias, 60, a retired Vail resident and one of three Eagle County precinct captains for the Republican Party, said Coors gave "a good stump speech."

The event's organizer, Randy Milhoan, a gallery owner and vice chair for the Eagle County Republicans, said he was pleased with the sunny weather and the turnout.

"It's pretty obvious he's new to the game - it's something he's going to have to learn," Milhoan said. "But he seems more polished each time I see him,"

One of Schaffer's greatest assets is his speaking ability. It's something Coors is going to need if he does end up with the nomination.

UPDATE: The Durango Herald has a fairly standard report on a Coors stump appearance. Nothing spectacular, and, unfortunately, little reports of crowd reaction or size.

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