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Friday, July 30, 2004

More From the Front 

Ben is all over the campaign spending issue, including the latest spending and fundraising numbers. He's got a fine analysis of it, although I'd differ on a couple of points.

Spending doesn't necessarily mean weakness. You don't only spend to define yourself for the primary, but also to position yourself for the general, and these ads will be seen by the general voting public, too.

We also don't really know how close the election is. There's been no reliable polling for weeks. One might just as esaily say that the single-minded passion of the Schaffer supporters has kept their candidate afloat. And, as Hugh Hewitt points out, activists can scare people.

Also, the Daily Camera Obscura discusses where the candidates' money is coming from in "Out-of-State Cash Floods Senate Race". Only Salazar and Coors have been able to generate much out-of-state interest, so it's not just Coors's personal fortune that's at issue, it's also the ability to raise enough money to compete effectively without having to go to the national committee.

It's also not Coors's only selling point, as this endorsement from the Greeley Tribune makes clear.

We believe Coors' experience running Coors Brewing Co. and the Adolph Coors Co. has given him a leg up in the bargaining arena and in terms of leadership ability. Adept at international and national negotiations, Coors cites his ability to create a common ground among groups with diverse interests. We think that's an important attribute as well.

For his business savvy, years of management and life skills working with various boards and organizations, we also believe Coors is more likely to offer a substantial challenge to the Democratic nominee, whether Ken Salazar or Mike Miles, for the office of U.S. senator.

Newspaper endorsements don't carry nearly the weight they they used to, of course, but it is from Weld County, where Schaffer ran ahead of the rest of his district (which he still won easily). To be sure, the paper isn't unkind to Schaffer, it just prefers Coors. Which is where many Coors supporters come down.

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