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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Radio Guest Shot 

The RMA made its radio debut today, and I was lucky enough to be behind the mike along with Jonathan and Jim for the guest shot on LeaLive! up in Greeley. Now, Greeley is in northern Colorado, and the signal covers mostly cow and gas country. When the breeze is from the east, you're reminded of that real fast.

But Lea was about as gracious a hostess as you could possibly want, and the staff was friendly and very accomodating. We sat out in the Green Room, really a waiting room with a closed-circuit TV feed of the studio, while Lea interviewed a staffer for Senator Allard.

Now, being a guest is easy. You sit in the studio, the host asks you some questions, and you answer them. I think listening to good hosts gives you a sense of how much a leap it is across the desk. Lea actually asked us the first question, "How on God's green earth did I end up interview you three for 15 minutes, and why shouldn't I be praying that the syndication people aren't listening?" off the air. Between the dry run and air-time, I managed to forget half of the answer.

In fact, the only disappointment was that so much time was spent discussing the ethos of blogging, establishing that we weren't in the pay of any Party or parties, telling people what on earth a blog is, and generally explaining that we do this for fun, not profit. Certainly she must have been more tempted to ask more substantive questions, but fearful that her audience wouldn't have any idea who we were or why they should care. Hopefully, a return appearance will feature more meat, less silverware, the table having been set and the guests properly introduced.

If you happened to hear the show, please email her and let her know.

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