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Monday, August 09, 2004

Kerry Supporters Hack Barnes & Noble 

Hat Tip: Human Events

Apparently, Kerry supporters have hacked the Barnes & Noble website, changing the title of the relevant book from Unfit for Command to Fit for Command. If you go to the B&N site and search under the correct title, the book comes up, but the title displayed is incorrect.

This is Clintonian in its childishness, and more than slightly sinister in its intent. Several hundred men, all of whom served with the same risk to themselves as Sen. Kerry, have come out with serious charges against the man, at least some of which seem to be extremely plausible and well-documented. Kerry's response has been to threaten lawsuits. Now, some of his supporters, although certainly not the campaign itself, are playing games with third-party websites.

Amazon, and Borders, which uses Amazon's catalog, seem to be unaffected.

UPDATE: It appears that B&N has fixed their website. The link to the Human Events story is currently down, possibly overwhelmed by traffic. When it's back up, I'll link to it directly.

UPDATE: CNET is confirming the whole story.

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