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Sunday, August 08, 2004

Joe Biden - Secretary of State? 

George Will suggests in his column that Joe Biden might be called on to be Secretary of State in a Kerry Administration. Will suggests that Biden would prove to be a stabilizing influence in an administraion bereft of serious foreign policy experience. His being chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee is scary enough. But maybe Will didn't hear the BBC interview from the floor of the Democratic Convention where Biden called the interviewer "Bucko," while testily reminding whatever portion of Europe was listening that its oil dependency made it even more vulnerable to terror than we are. After that charming introduction, guaranteed to win friends and influence continentals, Biden went on to explain that the US needed to take a more multilateral approach, since that was the only way we could train Iraqis to take over and get our troops home. This days after France obstructed just such a move.

Joe Biden, diplomat.

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